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An Array of Colors, Durability and Low Cost Prices make "Vinyl" a Top Choice in House Siding

More newly built and renovated houses have vinyl siding than any other type—and for good reason.

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It is relatively inexpensive, will last a lifetime, and makes your home look like you spent thousands of dollars on just the siding. Additionally, it is available in so many different colors and styles that you can achieve almost any effect—from the looks of stone or adobe to the more traditional shingle look. Let’s consider some of the advantages of vinyl siding in more detail.

Vinyl is inexpensive to install

vinal sidingVinyl is not only less expensive to purchase than stone, brick, or wood, but it also has the lowest installation cost. Furthermore, wood siding requires painting every four or five years—an expensive project whether you do it yourself or hire someone else to do it. Vinyl siding comes in the color you want for your house and will never need to be painted. An inexpensive pressure washing once every year or two (depending on your location and proximity to dust and so forth) will keep the siding looking like you just finished installing it. 

Vinyl provides unique protection

Vinyl is heat resistant up to 160 degrees. While you won’t want to start up your barbecue right next to the wall, the normal heat of the summer sun will have no effect on the appearance of the vinyl in most areas. Vinyl creates a protective barrier between the interior of your home and the more violent elements of nature. It will hold up better in wind storms than wood and other materials, and the fact that it is water resistant helps you reduce problems that could be caused by mold and mildew.  Because it tends to reflect heat rather than absorb it, you may even discover that your new siding saves you money on your energy bills.

Vinyl siding makes your home look like a work of art

Your choices in vinyl siding are almost unlimited. If you want an unusual shade of color, you can order it directly from the factory and have it factory painted in nearly any color you can imagine. In fact, manufacturers prefer that you have the siding pre-made in the color you want as painting the siding after installing it is not recommended due to the natural expanding and contracting the siding undergoes from one season to another.

In addition to the siding itself, you now have many options for the trim and for the texture. The finish can be glossy or matt, and your siding can be textured to look like wood, stucco, stone, brick, or even logs. Those who pass by your home will be unable to tell the difference, and if you should decide to sell your home in the future, you will find that the vinyl siding—regardless of the style—will more than pay for itself.   

Vinyl will last virtually forever

While “forever” is certainly a long time, you can expect that your vinyl siding will last for your lifetime and will be as durable as the house itself. It does not scratch or dent like aluminum, and it will not begin to rot or mildew like wood. If a piece should be damaged—say by a flying baseball—the damaged piece is easy to replace. In fact, companies are so confident regarding the durability of vinyl siding that many of them will give you a lifetime, transferable warranty. What other products can you think of that are guaranteed to that extent? 

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Vinyl Requires Very Little Maintenance

Cleaning vinyl siding is simple. You can use a garden hose to rinse off the dirt. Common cleaners like Simple Green or Windex will help remove any stubborn spots from your siding.

Use Our Site to Locate the Company that Will Supply Your New Siding

Our user friendly site is designed to be informative and to provide a connection to companies and suppliers that will help you locate exactly the type of vinyl siding you want. You can request information on colors, styles, prices and can even decide whether you want to install it yourself or allow an experienced contractor to put the new face on your home that you and your home deserve.

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