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Steel Siding: A metal siding option worth your consideration

With siding choices available in wood, vinyl, stone, faux brick, and nearly any imaginable material, we often fail to think about an old but tested and true form of sidingsteel or metal siding.

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Although it often is made to simulate another material, steel siding, particularly corrugated siding is actually the most used siding material in both North and South America. While it has certainly been most common on industrial or commercial buildings, the flexibility of modern technology makes it possible for you to have seamless steel house siding that can be ordered direct from the factory in your choice of color or that can be made with a wood or textured appearance.

When used on residential buildings, seamless steel, cut on site, is the preferred way to go. The material is pre-finished and delivered in a roll. A special machine is used to cut it and wrap it around your home. While a typical home finished in wood or vinyl might have as many as 130 splices, seamless steel eliminates the need for splicing, giving a smooth, watertight, professional appearance. Since it is cut on site, every piece is cut exactly right, giving your home the look of perfection.

Because special machinery is required, seamless steel must be installed by professionals. If, however, you are the do-it-yourself type, regular steel siding is also available. Even there, however, most contractors will suggest the employment of a professional who has been trained to handle the material as steel siding can be difficult to handle and can result in serious cuts if you make mistakes.

When finished, either the seamless or the regular steel siding will give you a tough, maintenance free finish with no need for sheath-board under the siding. Insulation, however, can be added if the climate is either too cold or too hot. The siding is stain resistant, never needs painting, will not be damaged by water, fire or termites, and can be cleaned with a garden hose. Even in the most unforgiving weather, it will not rust, flake, chip, or fade. In fact the new PVC coating that is applied at the factory makes the siding resistant to color fading in direct sunlight or harsh winters.

The biggest hazard to steel siding is that it can be dented if struck with a rock or other object, and the dented areaif scratchedis likely to rust. This hazard can be prevented if a dented area is treated quickly. In any case the manufacturers of steel siding usually provide warranties of 20 years or more.

The cost of steel siding is higher than that of wood or vinyl, but the increased durability of the material and efficiency of your home make the higher prices worth considering. It is the only materialother than costly stonethat is impervious to almost any disaster, but still looks good.
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