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Privacy Policy

We value our privacy, and know that you do too!

1st-vinyl-siding.com does not sell siding. What we do offer is a free service! So while you are visiting our site, to review our wealth of information and request free, no obligation quotes, we want you to feel comfortable. The following statement is in keeping with our strong commitment to protecting your privacy.

All information provided while utilizing 1st-vinyl-siding.com's quoting services to obtain a house siding quote, will be used solely for the purpose of furnishing you with quotes. At no time, will we supply your name or information relating to you to any third parties other than authorized building professionals.

Following your request for a house siding quote, a professional will contact you. 1st-vinyl-siding.com is dedicated to excellence. We have chosen to negotiate with those building professionals, whom we feel will offer first-rate accurate quotes and provide superb customer service.

We believe the Internet is a terrific means for researching products, learning what type of house siding is best for you and transacting business. It is important that we do our part to ensure that it continues to provide a secure and confidential experience!

If you have any questions regarding our privacy statement, please feel at liberty to contact us.

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