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"More and more builders are now using log siding rather than full diameter logs."

"Traditional" or "Log Look" Vinyl Siding: Which is right for you?

There could hardly be any home more American in appearance and style than a log sided home. Although they involve some maintenance in annually sealing the logs, guarding against termites, and patching chinks between the logs, a log house is both attractive and energy efficient as the logs provide natural insulation. While most home owners today have opted for a more modern type of insulation, many still prefer the looks of log siding.

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For those who want real timber, usually pine or cedar log siding is used. Cedar is preferred because it naturally repels termites and does not rot. Log siding is made from half logs rather than full diameter logs, and is thus lighter and easier to apply. The half logs are nailed over any pre-existing structure, creating a natural look while also eliminating “log settling” that occurs with an actual log house. The log siding is mass produced and can be made to match an existing log structure. The finished structure will give the appearance of an authentic log home. Since less timber is required, it is also environmentally friendly.

Another type of real wood log siding is a type called “Modulog.” This type of siding is real cedar or pine, but requires 75% less wood that full logs. Each “log” is actually only a thin slice from the surface of the log, except for the ends of the logs that criss-cross at the corners of the building. The end of the log is left to look like a solid log.  Since the slabs that fit against the building are relatively thin, this siding installs with nails like any wood shingle siding. This siding is also a sound environmental solution as the remaining core of each log can be cut into boards for other purposes.

Appearance of Logs with Lower Costs and Less Maintenance

Those who want the look of logs but want to save the time involved in insect proofing, staining, and sealing may be interested in the new log look vinyl siding. Vinyl siding can be made to look like cedar, pine, or numerous other woods. It can be painted, although it doesn't need to be, and is practically maintenance free. It is not subject to insects or rot and will not fade, splinter, or settle. It is one of the best methods of weather proofing your home, as it is suitable for all climates. The only thing you will ever need to do to keep the crisp pristine appearance is wash it using a power washer once every year or two.

Vinyl log cabin siding is strong and available in a wide variety of colors and textures. You can also purchase trim pieces for windows, doors and around corners. While the application is not difficult, many people prefer to hire a professional contractor who will guarantee the final results.

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