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Learn about Vinyl, Aluminum, Log and Other Popular House Siding Choices

The most popular “finish” for today’s homes is vinyl siding. In fact, more than twice as many builders install vinyl siding as any other type!!

Vinyl siding is particularly easy to install thanks to the main ingredient—polyvinyl chloride. The siding is light weight, flexible, easy to install, and yet second in durability only to stone or brick. In addition, it is available in nearly any color you can imagine and in a wide variety of styles.

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You can even order it pre-primed and simply paint it yourself if you want something truly unavailable. That approach is rare, however, as the paint applied by the manufacturer will generally last a lifetime.

vinyl sidingVinyl siding can be installed by the “do it yourself” carpenter. However, unless the design of your house is quite simple, you may find it well worth your time and money to allow a professional to do the job.  Hiring the professional installer gives you guarantees against mistakes and defects, a protection you will not have if you undertake the job yourself. Additionally, a professional crew can usually complete the job on a large house in a matter of days while it might take several years for a person working alone. Also, as the siding itself is so reasonably priced, you can use the money you would save to pay someone to do the job right.

Use our site shop for both vinyl siding and for contractors to install if for you. And if you still want something like aluminum, log or faux stone, you will be able to find information on those types of siding as well.

Question and Answer

Most people want to know something about their purchase before committing to something as permanent as siding. One you've requested cost quotes through our friendly, online service, perusing the following information will help you understand your siding choices.

What variations are available in vinyl siding?

Vinyl siding is manufactured in almost any color and in a wide variety of styles. It can be made to look like clapboard, logs, cedar shakes or shingles. It can also be shaped in scallops or board and batten, just for starters. In fact, it can even be make to look like stone or brick.

Does an unusual color have to be painted after installation?

No. It is possible to purchase primed siding for a lower price than finished siding, and then paint it yourself, but the cost of paint will be more than the price of finished siding. If you provide the manufacturer with a color sample, they will be able to custom color your siding for you.

Will vinyl siding hold up in any type of weather?

Yes, vinyl siding is suitable for any climate. It will withstand hurricane wind speeds and is not damaged by heat, cold or moisture. The only thing it will not withstand is exposure to direct heat as from a barbecue grill placed to close.

How often will I have to paint my siding?

Never. Vinyl siding will never need to be repainted. All you have to do is wash it occasionally.

Can vinyl siding be pressure washed?

Yes, you can use a pressure washer to clean your vinyl. However, you should check the settings on your pressure machine to make sure you use the correct "psi." Also, be aware that if the pressure used is too high, it can damage the dirt resistant finish, resulting in the need for more frequent washing. Therefore,  be sure to hire a professional who has experience.

Is vinyl siding fireproof?

Vinyl siding is usually fire resistant, but it can melt and it is combustible. As with any combustible surface, keep appliances such as barbecue grills at the recommended or greater distance from your siding. Extreme temperatures can also cause distortion, so if you live in a desert climate or in an area where intense heat from the sun occurs frequently, you may want to protect the siding with screens or bushes that will limit the effects of radiation.

How easy is it to replace a panel?

Replacing panels is quite simple. You may want to order a few extras just to be on the safe side. Additionally, you can contact your manufacturer for replacement pieces. 

How will I know that I truly have a professional?

You can use our website to receive a free estimate from licensed, reliable home remodeling professionals in your area. You can also ask for current referrals and receive information from other satisfied customers. Finally, we encourage you to conduct a little investigation of your own. We do our best to make sure the business listed in our network are properly insured and licensed, but you should also ask how long they have been in business, what warrantees they provide, and how many styles of vinyl siding they have worked with. In fact, you might even visit some of the home sites where the contractors have completed their work.

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